How to Write an Email About Withdrawing a Job Application

The ability to handle delicate career-related situations with grace and tact is crucial. One such scenario is when you decide to withdraw a job application.

This article will serve as a comprehensive guide on how to write an email about withdrawing a job application, ensuring you navigate this situation with professionalism and courtesy.

To write an email about withdrawing a job application, clearly articulate your intention to withdraw, express gratitude for the opportunity, and provide your contact details for any necessary follow-up.

What To Do Before Writing the Email

Before drafting your email, it’s vital to take some preparatory steps:

  • Reflect: Take the time to reflect on your decision. Are you sure withdrawing your application is the right move? Consider all the pros and cons, the potential opportunities and drawbacks before pushing forward with your decision.
  • Gather Information: Make sure you have all necessary details readily available. This includes the company name, the job title for which you applied, and the name of the person who is handling your application, if known.
  • Plan Your Message: Plan out what you want to convey in your email. Think about your reasons for withdrawing and how you can articulate them in a respectful and professional manner.

What to Include In the Email

Writing an email regarding the withdrawal of a job application requires careful composition. It should include:

  • Subject Line: Your subject line must be clear and direct, such as “Withdrawal of Job Application – [Your Name]”.
  • Salutation: If you know the name of the person handling your application, address them directly. If not, a simple ‘Dear Hiring Manager’ is acceptable.
  • Introduction: This is where you briefly introduce yourself and specify the role you applied for.
  • Main Body: Politely state your intention to withdraw your application. If you wish to provide a reason, ensure it remains professional and somewhat vague. This isn’t the place for detailed personal disclosures.
  • Appreciation: Express your gratitude for their time and consideration of your application. Even if you’re withdrawing, it’s important to acknowledge their efforts.
  • Contact Information: Don’t forget to provide your contact details in case they need to reach out for any reason.

Email Template

To help you navigate this process, here’s a handy template that can be customized based on your situation:

Subject: Withdrawal of Job Application - [Your Name]

Dear [Hiring Manager's Name],

I trust this email finds you well. I am reaching out in relation to the [Job Title] role I applied for at [Company Name].

Upon careful consideration and due to unforeseen circumstances, I have decided to withdraw my application for this position at this time. [Optional: Briefly mention reason here.]

I would like to express my deep gratitude for considering my candidacy and for the time you have spent reviewing my application. I truly appreciate being considered for a position at [Company Name].

Should there be any need for further information or clarification, please feel free to contact me at [Your Email] or [Your Phone Number].

Thank you once again for your understanding and professional courtesy.

Best regards,
[Your Name]


Withdrawing from a job application may seem daunting, but it is a routine occurrence in the corporate world. The key lies in handling the situation with tact, respect, and professionalism. By being clear, concise, and courteous in your communication, you ensure a positive impression despite the withdrawal. Keep in mind, today’s withdrawal could be tomorrow’s opportunity.