How to Write an Email Welcome Series for A Craft Brewery

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on designing an engaging email series for subscribers of a craft brewery. This article will provide you with the necessary tools and templates to create a captivating email sequence that showcases the unique aspects of your craft brewery and keeps subscribers informed and excited about your offerings.

Before Writing the Email

Embarking on crafting your email series involves a few crucial steps:

  1. Understand Your Audience: Identify the preferences and interests of your typical brewery visitor. Are they craft beer enthusiasts, casual drinkers, or connoisseurs?
  2. Gather Key Information: Collect details like name, favorite beer styles, and past purchases. This data will help in customizing your emails.
  3. Plan Your Email Sequence: Decide on the number and frequency of emails. A series of three to five emails, spaced out over a month, is generally effective.

What to Include in the Emails

In your email series, include:

  1. A Warm Introduction: Begin with a friendly welcome, introducing the ethos and story behind your brewery.
  2. Highlight Unique Brews and Events: Showcase your special brews, seasonal offerings, and upcoming events like brewery tours or tasting sessions.
  3. Exclusive Offers: Inform subscribers about exclusive discounts, loyalty programs, or members-only events.
  4. Engaging and Educational Content: Share insights about the brewing process, ingredients, or beer pairing tips.
  5. Clear Call-to-Action: Encourage them to visit, join an event, or try a new brew.

Email Templates – Craft Brewery Subscriber Series

Email 1: Welcome to the Brewery Family

Subject Line: Welcome to [Brewery Name] – A World of Unique Flavors Awaits!

Hi [Subscriber’s Name],

Welcome to [Brewery Name]! As a lover of fine craft beers, you’re in for a treat. Our brewery is not just about beer; it’s about community, passion, and the art of brewing.

From bold IPAs to smooth stouts, our range has something for every palate. Stay tuned for insider news and special offers, just for our subscribers.

[Your Name] [Brewery Name]

Email 2: Special Brews and Events

Subject Line: Discover [Brewery Name]’s Seasonal Brews and Upcoming Events!

Hi [Subscriber’s Name],

This month at [Brewery Name], we’re excited to introduce our limited-edition [Seasonal Brew]. Also, mark your calendar for our [Upcoming Event] – it’s going to be unforgettable!

Don’t forget, subscribers get early access and special discounts.

Hope to see you soon,
[Your Name] [Brewery Name]

Email 3: Brewing Insights and Offers

Subject Line: Behind the Scenes at [Brewery Name] + Exclusive Subscriber Offers!

Hi [Subscriber’s Name],

Ever wondered what goes into crafting your favorite beer? Our latest blog post dives into the art of brewing and our unique techniques.

Plus, as a thank you for being a subscriber, enjoy [Special Offer] on your next visit!

Bottoms up,
[Your Name] [Brewery Name]


Creating an enticing email series for a craft brewery involves a blend of personalization, showcasing your unique brews and events, and providing value through exclusive offers. By engaging your subscribers with interesting content and inviting them to be part of your brewery’s community, you can foster a loyal customer base.


  • Use personalization to create a connection with your subscribers.
  • Keep emails concise, visually appealing, and informative.
  • Regularly update the content to reflect new brews, events, and seasonal changes.