How To Write An Email For An Internship

An internship is a great way to gain valuable work experience while you’re studying or when you’re fresh out of school. It allows you to get your foot in the door and build relationships with people who can help you in your future career. Here’s how to write an email for an internship to help get your application noticed.

Here’s an easy copy and paste template you can customize and start with right away. Read on to learn why each part of this template is important.

How To Write An Email For An Internship Template

Dear [Hiring Manager],

I am submitting my comprehensive resume for consideration for the summer coding program at MNO Company. Given the skills and experience outlined in my resume, I believe I will be a great asset to your already efficient team.

In my three years at 123 University, I have finished a great deal of coding and programming coursework, including the use of object-based programming language. I developed several applications that can run on desktop and mobile platforms and various operating systems.

In addition, I spent a semester as a volunteer with the local government, selflessly helping them automate some of their processes. I assisted in developing computerized systems, which are essential for the records-keeping purposes of several departments.

Finally, I spent a year as an assistant to the junior programmer in the data analytics department of our university. This experience taught me the importance of building a good rapport with the team members. Moreover, it enhanced my knowledge and fundamental skills on cooperation and communication for the success of projects – big or small.

I believe I would make a worthy addition to your team. This internship would help me enhance my skills and knowledge of the coding and programming industry while immersing me in the company culture, which will also add to my personal and professional growth.

I am hoping to hear from you with the most favorable response.


Your Name

What To Do Before You Write Your Internship Email

There are three specific steps you should take before you write your internship email. 

  • Research The Company
  • Prepare Your Resume and Cover Letter
  • Reach Out To Potential References

Research The Company

Before you tap those fingers on your keyboard and send cold emails about internship opportunities; you will need to do research about the companies you are applying to. Research can help you determine who to speak with and will help you learn more about the company, which can give you an advantage at interview time.

What should you research about the company?

You can start by learning the details about the company. Check out the company website and take notes about the company’s mission and vision. Seek out news articles, successes, and interesting facts on the company’s website.

By learning as much as you can about the company, you will make your email to them sound natural and make it seem like you are already a fit. Pay attention to specific language, and place yourself in the mindset that you already work for the company. 

Next, research the people that work for the company and/or the recruiter. You are going to need to figure out who you will email about which particular position. There are several ways to search for people related to companies. One of the best ways is to use LinkedIn and find a common personal connection from your school, or other organizations that you have worked for before. You might find that you know somebody who can make an introduction to somebody at the company.

Taking a look at company websites can also help you find contacts that you can get in touch with.

For each potential contact, keep a list of notes about who they are and why they would be an important person to reach out to. Note their job titles, think about the different questions that you might ask them, and show them that you can solve specific problems within the company.

Prepare Your Resume and Cover Letter

Another critical step you should take before writing an internship email is preparing your résumé and cover letter. If your email is successful, you may need to move to the next step quickly, so you want to be sure that you have your résumé in your cover letter are ready to go.

It’s very important to make sure that you tailor your résumé and your cover letter for the specific position. Sending out a broad résumé or covering letter that can be used at any company is not a good idea; rather, demonstrate that you have researched the company and positions of interest in-depth, and state specifically how you can make a difference.

You want to make it easy for them to accept you as an intern. You will be able to set yourself apart from other applicants and inquiries by making a résumé and cover letter geared towards the company’s needs. This indicates that you are able to take the initiative and research the crucial information.

Reach Out To Potential References

In addition to sprucing up your résumé and cover letter, you should contact some of your references. You can tell them that you are applying to jobs, and ask them if they wouldn’t mind being a reference for you. This will give them a heads up, and also time to ask you important questions or review any information that might be relevant.

Clean Up Your Social Media Profile

Finally, before you start sending out those emails, be sure to clean up your social media profiles. It is very common for human resources professionals, and other people and companies to Google you or check out your social media profiles as they are considering who to bring on for internships. Remove any photos that so unprofessional behavior, and make sure that you are well presented and all forms of public social media. Again, this step will serve you well in setting you apart as a high-quality applicant.

What To Write In An Email For An Internship

You’ve done plenty of pre-work at this point, so what do we actually write in an email for an internship application?

Craft an Internship Email Subject Line

First, you will need to come up with a decent subject line. This is your opportunity to catch the recruiter’s attention or the person at the company that you were emailing for an internship.

You will want to include your name, and the specific internship posting if possible. Your goal here is to reduce the amount of time that the person needs to spend reading, and searching for information.

For example, if you are emailing about a specific internship position, list that position title (and number if applicable) in the subject line.

Subject: [Your Name] Internship Application for [Position Title – Posting Number XX]

The subject line clearly establishes who you are, what you are writing about, and the specific position. Remember, human resources professionals and recruiters deal with many applications and job postings, so you are helping them by being a specific as you can.

Write The Internship Email Greeting

When sending an email for an internship, always use “Dear” before addressing someone. This shows respect and makes it clear that you’re not simply hitting up a casual acquaintance. Be sure to address the person using their correct pronouns, last name, and also include specific honorifics such as Dr. [Last Name], where appropriate.

For example, “Dear Dr. Smith”.

Keep your email short and sweet.  

Keep your emails short and sweet so that recipients don’t end up scrolling past dozens of words trying to figure out if they should read further. A good rule of thumb is around 150 characters per line.

Identify the position that you are seeking.

You will come across as a detail-oriented candidate by stating your desired position. As a result, the reader will know that you pay attention to critical announcements concerning the company you would like to work for. This shows you’re willing to get to know them and you want to learn more about them.

Hit those position-related keywords.

Describe what you know about the company in more detail. Explore the company’s website for details about jobs. Relevance is key. Write about specific roles you have held in colleges and universities or accomplishments that demonstrate skills appropriate for the position.

Highlight relevant skills.

Your college or university coursework may highlight skills that are essential to the internship role you are applying for. The company will understand that most of the internship applicants have little to no work experience at all. Describe each important accomplishment in your course subjects that are relevant to the position you are applying for. In the end, being an intern is all about gaining experience and industry knowledge.

Create a striking statement to show why you are a good fit for the role.

You can learn more about the company’s requirements for internships by checking out their internship description. Then you can carefully create a statement that highlights what makes you a good candidate for the opportunity and why you should be chosen. Make yourself relevant by capitalizing on the best of your skills and what you can contribute to the company if they choose you.

State your expectations clearly.

Expectations are standard parts of any organization, company, or industry. These entities expect outstanding job performance from their hires as they open their venues to you as your training ground for future endeavors. Therefore, while it is a must to state what you can bring into the organization directly, you should also be clear of your career goals and what you expect to gain from the internship.

Conduct several reviews of the email before sending the final copy.

The content of the internship cover letter is significant. It will help the reader visualize the kind of applicant you are. Yet, it would be best if you also steered clear of your letter with minor errors that can be huge turn-offs. Instead, make sure to run a complete spell and grammar check. Simple as this process may seem, but it will ensure that the letter is error-free and presentable, readable, and understandable.

Learning how to write an email for an internship will require you to at least follow the tips outlined above, and you’re a step ahead towards getting into an internship program fit for your skills, accomplishments, and expectations. One more thing to remember as an added tip is that an internship letter should be crafted uniquely for the position being applied for. With this, it is crucial to refrain from sounding too general and will catch the hiring manager’s attention.

Following these tips, having a good working internship sample email or letter will fast-track your knowledge on how to write an email for an internship application, and open up the internship opportunities. Here’s one for your use.

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