How To Write an Email For a Training Session Completed

In this article, you will learn how to write an email to notify that a training session has been completed successfully. You’ll find step-by-step guidance on what to do before writing the email, what to include in the email, and even a customizable email template to make the process easier.

What To Do Before Writing the Email

Before composing the email, make sure to:

  • Gather relevant information about the training session, such as the title, date, and duration.
  • Make note of any important highlights or accomplishments from the training session.
  • Consider any follow-up actions or assignments that need to be addressed.

What to Include In the Email

When writing the email, it’s important to include the following information:

  • Greet the recipient by name and express appreciation for their attendance.
  • Mention the specific training session that was completed.
  • State the purpose and objectives of the training session briefly.
  • Highlight key takeaways or accomplishments from the training session.
  • Express gratitude to the participants for their active participation and effort during the training.
  • Discuss any follow-up actions or assignments that may be necessary.
  • Offer assistance or support if needed.
  • Provide contact information for further inquiries.

Email Template – Training Session Completed

Here is a template you can use as a starting point:

Dear [Recipient],

I am pleased to inform you that the [training session title] has been successfully completed. I would like to extend my gratitude to all participants for their active participation and dedication during the training. We achieved the desired learning outcomes, and I believe this training session will greatly benefit our team.

During the training, we covered [brief description of key topics covered]. Participants actively engaged in [mention any activities or discussions that took place]. The feedback received was overwhelmingly positive, and we accomplished the objectives we set out to achieve.

I would like to acknowledge the commitment and effort shown by each participant throughout the training session. Your dedication to enhancing your skills and knowledge is commendable.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at [contact information].

Thank you once again for your valuable contribution. We look forward to applying the knowledge gained during the training session to improve our team’s performance.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

You can customize this template based on your specific training session and audience. Feel free to add or modify the content to align with your organization’s needs and goals.


Writing an email to notify the completion of a training session is an opportunity to express appreciation, summarize key learnings, and set the stage for future application of the knowledge gained. By following the steps outlined in this article and using the provided email template, you’ll be able to effectively communicate the successful completion of the training session while engaging with your audience.

Remember to be clear, concise, and appreciative in your email, and offer any necessary support or resources to help participants continue their growth and development.

Good luck with crafting your email, and congratulations on completing the training session!